I spent many rainy Seattle afternoons of my childhood going through my father's magazine closet. He had this closet in the hallway of our home and it was filled to the top with sports and car magazines. Some of the magazines even had cars featured that he built himself. This closet had Porsche Spiel, Car & Driver, Dupont Registry, Super Chevy, Excellence & more. Before any of us could get behind the wheel of a car, these magazines were the closest you could come to meeting the thrill of driving. 

As time went on, my father decided it was time to toss them and make some room. I knew these magazines were not necessarily of high value as a whole and had not seen the light of day for many years. But I knew I could do something with them and that some great gems were waiting inside those pages. And there was! Inside these magazines there is so much to learn and take in from the information and vintage photos. There are essays on current and older cars, racing material, and the great marketing tools that the car companies had used to convince you to buy their car. 

I took the magazines home and began to dive in, and Nostalgia, AG is what became of it. Since then, I have acquired thousands of vintage auto magazines from every genre. Instead of collecting dust in someone's basement in a box, these timeless original prints can be displayed and appreciated as art. 

Everything sold is 100% authentic and original. Since the beginning, the goal is to give automobile enthusiasts an option for decorating their home or garage without having to pay dealer prices. All products come framed, so no need for you to hunt for a frame and all pieces are ready to ship. 

The most enjoyable part of the process is the hunt for new ads. Many late nights have consisted of flipping through 1970's Road & Tracks and turning the page, hoping to find another Porsche Turbo or Pontiac Firebird ad. I have enjoyed getting to know customers through the process of finding their exact car; or the perfect ad for a friend, and also have become friends with a lot of customers through our love of cars. 

I have so many great items I am looking forward to sharing and will continue to turn pages to find that one ad you will love. 

Anthony DeGrazia


2001 Mercedes E55 

1999 BMW 528iT

1985 BMW 535i